From The Bonedrivers CD "Mobile" BB4444

The Doctor closed my folder,
said "I can see you've had your fun.
Now it's time to pay the Piper,
'cause your time on Earth's near done,
your time is nearly done."

Said "You better pack it in now,
make it easy on yourself".
But I chose to play my hand out,
won't put my guitar on the shelf,
won't put my guitar on the shelf.

Done my best by my mother,
my kids and my wife.
If all that's left's
just a little bit of life -

Gimme' Lightning
from the sky.
Gimme' Lightning
before I die.

No need to roam the country,
I'll work it close to home.
Pull myself together,
do the only thing I know,
the only thing I know.

When I step to the bandstand
and take the microphone
There's one thing on my mind, son,
that's to lay it down with soul,
lay it down with soul.

Lost ten years bangin' cotton,
ten more shaving glass.
But it's the gift from my own family
that'll have me breath my last,
have me breath my last.

Keith Karloff
© 2010 Leather Volcano Music BMI