"Moonight Ride"
From the Bonedrivers CD "Mobile" BB 4444


One Tennessee night,
beneath a succulent sky,
the autumn air was cool,
a Memphis moon hung ripe.

I met you up Beale,
a glass in your hand.
Baby, you think you're tough
But I understand.

The softer the heart,
the thicker the hide.

The harder the truth,
the bigger the lie.

The sweeter the lips,
the keener the eye.

C'mon girl,
let's go for a moolight ride!

We sat in the park
by the riverside.
The mighty Mississippi was smooth
but her power couldn't be denied.

With hardly a word,
sittin' thigh to thigh.
we came together for a kiss
in the deep Southern night.

Keith Karloff
© 2010 Leather Volcano Music BMI