From The Bonedrivers CD "Mobile" BB4444

You stole my heart,
you stole my car,
you rocked a young man on my block.

I gave you trust,
looked past your lust,
now my life's just one big bust.

I took you in.
You took me out.
You win again.

I gave you hope,
you blew me smoke,
you gave me life on a slippery slope.

I worked two jobs,
I tended bar,
I pulled the graveyard mopping floors.

I took you on
and now you're gone.
You win again.

You called yesterday
for one more chance.
I said OK like I'm in a trance.

It's been a week,
still I can't sleep,
you messed up all my sheep.

Should have left
a bad thing alone.
You win again.

Keith Karloff
© 2010 Leather Volcano Music