The Official Gone Jackals Fan Club Newsletter

Vol. 1, Issue# 2, August 1997

Studio News

According to the G.J.s the new recording is going swimmingly. One track will feature Judd Austin singing lead vocals - his debut in that capacity. Hopefully the new C.D. will be out sometime before the big holidays.


Hitting The Airwaves

Listen and you can hear It. Bone To Pick will be on local College Radio Stations this fall, so call them and tell them you want to hear The Gone Jackals.


Tee Shirts

The shirts are the ones that are featured on the G. J.s website. Hanes Beefy Tees, with two post - apocolyptic skele-figures doing a burn out on a futuristic hog. The Gone Jackals logo is emblazoned across the top and the Blue/Black Records, San Francisco, California logo is on the bottom. Sizes are Large and Extra Large. Choice of colors is black. Visit their website for ordering info.


The Gone Jackals Live?

Theres a possibility that the band will be performing live at the NXNW Music & Media Conference in Portland, OR in October. If anybody would like to influence the conf. staffs decision on whether to invite them there or not, their e-mail address is: and their fax # is: (512) 451-0754.


Blue/Black News

Blue/Black Records will have a new phone # (415) 567-2235 and a new domain name (both effective 9/1/97).



I first heard The Gone Jackals on the Demo of Full Throttle. When the roar of the engine (in the game) started and the music blasted, I thought woah... this is some excellent music. Although I enjoyed the game I loved the music more. After beating the Demo, I started playing the game for the music so I could hear it again and again. I bought Full Throttle a few weeks later. The main reason I bought the game was for the soundtrack. On the box it mentioned that the music was by The Gone Jackals. I rushed out to Tower Records and bought their album. >From this day on, I have enjoyed The Gone Jackals music. Why? It is great driving music. It is great when you feel rebellious. It is great when you need to listen to some heavy riffs and mean guitar licks. Im a fan for life. Honest.


Chris Fong

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