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The Gone Jackals most  fully  third  and  most  fully  realized  offering.


The new C.D. from The GONE JACKALS

BLUE PYRAMID (BB 5657) - The GONE JACKALS' third and latest full length C.D. continues the band's exploration of Hard Rock Roll, American Style, which the San Francisco based foursome have been mining since their inception. Featuring 12 original tracks, BLUE PYRAMID was produced by bandleader Keith Karloff and recorded by Tom Mallon (American Music Club, Thin White Rope). BLUE PYRAMID includes full color artwork by John Seabury and an 8 page lyric sheet.

This recording marks a sizable step in the band's progression, using the band's previous Karloff produced C.D., P.C. GAMER MAGAZINE's "Soundtrack of the Year Award" winning BONE TO PICK (BB 9545) as a jumping off point. The joint venture between The GONE JACKALS and LucasArts' has garnered this seminal underground band worldwide recognition among today's great rock groups.

If you are interested in mail ordering BLUE PYRAMID, you may do so by contacting our Distributor CITY HALL RECORDS. Their toll free telephone number is (800) 742-6663.

San Francisco, CA