The GONE JACKALS are proud to announce their European recording contract with RASPBERRY RECORDS, Spain.

If you've been trying to find that  rare copy of the band's first full length CD "Out & About with TheGONE JACKALS", RASPBERRY RECORDS is re-releasing this recording.  The new version of this CD has been digitally re-mastered by Keith Karloff and original Co-Producer Gary Hobish.  It is fat!

RASPBERRY RECORDS is promising some brand new and never before released CD singles including the mildly edited version (as radio stations have been airing) of "No Sign of Rain" from the current BLUE PYRAMID" CD *PLUS* a souped up version of The ALEX HARVEY BAND's "Faith Healer" which has never been available for public consumption prior to this release in any form.

All three of The GONE JACKALS CDs will be available on RASPBERRY RECORDS through RR's website and will feature new and different artwork from BLUEBLACK's domestic releases.

Click here RASPBERRY RECORDS to check out the new stuff.