The GONE JACKALS' Keith Karloff and R.D. Maynard are proud to announce the formation of their new ROCK-N-BLUES quartet The BONEDRIVERS.
This combo features Randy Gzebb (LOVE CLUB), drums and Johnnie Colleton (AQUATIC GROOVE SESSION), vocals and guitars.
BONEDRIVERS promise to be one scorching and hellacious ROCK-N-BLUES roadhouse extravaganza! Check for upcoming dates in the S.F. Bay Area.
Their debut CD "Roadhouse Manifesto" is available right now!!

WARREN AMERICA are an Industrial/Metal combo that includes members of SOULDOZER, COUNTING CROWS and The GONE JACKALS. Their 12" single "Miracle Mile" B/W "Media Glut" features roaring guitars, slamming dance grooves, TV dialog samples and inflammatory lyrics. Not a mainstream recording.

The WARREN AMERICA 12" vinyl single is available now through direct mail order! Don't miss out on this brand new and limited pressing from BLUEBLACK RECORDS' Hard Rockin' Stable of Big City Stompers. 

AFTER THE XPLOSION is a hard R&R band which features Maureen Jennings on lead vocals and electric slide guitar. Their 7" single "Reilly's Daughter" B/W "Alien Beach Party" (co-produced by the GONE JACKALS' Keith Karloff) is best described as a cross between the punk pop recordings of Joan Jett and the roadhouse blues rock of George Thorogood. "Reilly's Daughter" features a scorching guitar solo exchange between Karloff and Jennings. The bass playing on AFTER THE XPLOSION is handled by Julia Altstatt, former bassist of The GARGOYLES. This record is a slice of pure San Francisco Sound.
Available now on through direct mail order!

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