The latest scorcher from from San Francisco's Premier Boogie Band
- as real as it gets!

Forged exclusively in the crucible of regional, local live music venues. Recorded live in the studio in two days flat.
Eight brand new Keith Karloff penned instant classics. From the rollicking “Lost In Time” to the playful, Southern Fried “Let’s Do It” to the downright mean title track “Greasefire” this collection features one wicked dance groove after another. Plenty of scorched earth guitar work here too, and enough vocal attitude to burn your building down.
Stops along the way echo beloved radio sounds as diverse as Santana, Roy Orbison and even The Delfonics – as would any real, live Bonedrivers show.
“Greasefire” - as real as it gets!

The San Francisco based Bonedrivers boast former frontman of The Gone Jackals Keith Karloff on vocals and guitars with Bay Area Blues-Rock stalwarts Peter O'Malley on bass and vocals and drummer Jim Nelson.

Produced by Keith Karloff
Recorded by Buddy Saleman
Mastered by Gary Hobish
Graphic Art by Gary Hobish and Keith Karloff
8 tracks • BB 141329




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For "Greasefire" Lyrics - Click Here!

Reviews from The Bonedrivers debut CD "Roadhouse Manifesto" (BlueBlack Records • BB 5328 ) and "Mobile" (BlueBlack Records • BB 4444) the second CD

Rolling Stone Online
5 of 5 Stars

"There's just 3 words for this album. It Kicks Ass. Keith Karloff's method of trying the songs out live before even working them onto the CD truly makes a record without a sleeper on it. Even the pre mastered discs enjoyed airplay on 91.3 KSVY in Sonoma long before the CD got it's 'official' release. The 'Old School' tone and format of the songs make it familiar the first time you listen to it.
If you don't like 'Live to Ride' then you've never liked straight forward rock. There's no gimmicks on this disc, Just straight forward Blues based rock and roll. Can't wait till they come back to Sonoma to see what Keith and Co. have up their sleeves." - James Marshall Berry 91.3 KSVY FM -
Rolling Stone Online

"Keith Karloff's 'Lou Ann' and 'Live to Ride' have the jangly guitars and pop hooks of classic Tom Petty or Marshall Crenshaw singles, married to a beefier rhythm section that makes the record rock fairly assertively even on the ballads." - Stewart Mason,
Billboard Magazine/All Music

"One of the most interesting and unique bands out of this genre"
- Blooddawn" Magazine, Germany

"Reminiscent of the great Jimi Hendrix and the vocals of great bluesmen such as B.B. King". "Live To Ride" is a true biker hymn" -

"100% proof that you don't have to come from way down south to have that rebel sound." - Metallville Magazine, UK

"The Bonedrivers have been getting big press on their new CD “Roadhouse Manifesto” from the likes of Guitar Player Magazine. The latest press comes from Maverick, a publication in the United Kingdom similar to Spin Magazine here in the states" -
The Sonoma Valley Sun

Exclusively on BLUEBLACK RECORDS • San Francisco, California •

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