December Calendar, New Years Eve Info, Videos of the Month & 2018/19 Schedule

Say Hey!

Blasting through ‘dem holidays, having a super time!

A great December on the books, the cherry on top being NEW YEARS EVE at our home-away-from-home ST. JAMES GATE in Belmont!   Best venue of its kind in the area - and that is saying plenty.  We are honored and thrilled to be invited back once again to ring in 2019 with our esteemed hosts Doug and Leon!

Leading up to NYE we have a mighty full plate, playing through most of NorCal, the place we call home.  We kick December off at smooth, comfortable JAN’S LOUNGE in Orangevale (Sacto Metro), trek south to unite with the mighty Cruzans at the family-friendly-while-hard-paryting SEABRIGHT BREWERY in Santa Cruz.  Next, we cut over to the East Bay to to the roomy, comfy, good sounding, friendly confines of MAIN ST. BREWERY in Pleasanton.  Following that up we take a short hop over to the swank, stylish IRON GATE in charming, convenient Belmont.  Great friends there, love hanging with Uber Host Larry and Mr. P.  Then we we bop back over the Bay Bridge to the down-home, roadhouse auténtico MOJO LOUNGE in eclectic Fremont.  Back down to Santa Cruz, right across from the Boardwalk at COASTER'S - last time there was totally nuts!  Nothing tops Santa Cruz in the Winter - for those in the know.

Thanks so much for making 2018 truly one for the books.  You rock our world!

Can’t wait to visit with all our great, great NorCal friends once again this month.  Every show is golden.

See you soon!

Your buds,
Keith, Thom & Jim
AKA The Bonedrivers
(Los Conductores Del Hueso)

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Videos of the Month: Greasefire!!LIVE from our current CD “Greasefire!! 

And here’s the studio version to compare it with for you aficionados, lol - wheee!: “Greasefire!!

**2018/19 Calendar**

Advance dates are subject to change. Please check regularly.

    Remaining November Show:

    Fri. Nov. 30th - Little Lou's BBQ (8:00 - 11:00)
     - 2455 S Winchester Blvd., Campbell, CA (408) 796-7852


    Sat. Dec. 1st - Jan's Lounge - 9222 Greenback Lane, Orangevale, CA (916) 989-0583
    Fri. Dec. 7th - Seabright Brewery (8:30 - 10:30) - 519 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz, CA (831) 426-2739
    Sat. Dec. 8th - Main St. Brewery - 830 Main St., Pleasanton, CA (925) 462-8218
    Fri. Dec. 14th - The Iron Gate - 1360 El Camino Real, Belmont, CA (650) 592-7893
    Sat. Dec. 15th - The Mojo Lounge -3714 Peralta Blvd., Fremont, CA (510) 739-1028
    Fri. Dec. 21st - Coaster's - 115 Cliff St., Santa Cruz, CA (831) 426-3324
    Mon. Dec. 31st
    - New Years Eve! - St. James Gate - 1410 Old County Rd., Belmont CA (650) 592-5923

    January 2019

    Sat. Jan. 5th - Murphy's Law Sunnyvale, CA
    Sat. Jan. 12th - Rellik Tavern Benicia, CA

    Fri. Jan. 18th - Severino's Aptos, CA
    Sat. Jan. 26th - Pistol Pete's Auburn, CA

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    For our International Friends and folks who would prefer to purchase from a reputable dealer "Greasefire!!" is now in stock with our Distributor City Hall Records.
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    Don't forget to request any tune you'd like to hear from "Greasefire!!, "Mobile" or "Roadhouse Manifesto" at
    your powerful, local station below. Just click and let 'er fly - here ya' go - thanks!

    The Bone 107.7 FM - San Francisco, CA

    KRSH - Santa Rosa, CA

    KVMR - Nevada City, CA

    KPOO - San Francisco, CA (
    Best little station in the world, featuring the great Johnny Brooklyn!)
    KFOG - San Francisco, CA
    KPIG - Freedom/Salinas/Monterey, CA

Rolling Stone Online
"Roadhouse Manifesto"++
5 of 5 Stars

"There's just 3 words for this album. It Kicks Ass. Keith Karloff's method of trying the songs out live before even working them onto the CD truly makes a record without a sleeper on it. Even the pre mastered discs enjoyed airplay on 91.3 KSVY in Sonoma long before the CD got it's 'official' release. The 'Old School' tone and format of the songs make it familiar the first time you listen to it.
If you don't like 'Live to Ride' then you've never liked straight forward rock. There's no gimmicks on this disc, Just straight forward Blues based rock and roll. Can't wait till they come back to Sonoma to see what Keith and Co. have up their sleeves."

James Marshall Berry Sonoma Valley Music Scene 91.3 KSVY FM - Rolling Stone Online

Excerpts from two new "Mobile" reviews from the legendary BluesBlast Magazine (IL) and Northern Florida's own "Gainesville 365"

Gainesville 365 (FL)

The Bonedrivers "Mobile" (BlueBlack Records) BB 4444

In “Mobile,” Karloff gets his feet wet enough in Delta sound to make a believable anthem.  There’s not a shred of copycatting in any of the ten songs.  Things are kept simple for the most part, and this makes the CD a real gem.  As I listened to it, I pondered why it worked when it could easily have failed and I came up with a combination of two factors:  Simplicity and originality.  Karloff has authored a straight-up set of good old bar boogie minus the melancholy of inauthentic place and time.

The best of these tunes are “It’s a Beautiful Thing” and “Honky Tonk Prayer,” which Karloff has also cut for radio.  The first is a love song to, of all things, domestication of the male animal, and the second is one of the best “Southern” songs I’ve heard in decades.  Karloff doesn’t seem to be someone who overwrites and then has to mercilessly edit.  Music and lyric are in perfect balance and that is, I think, one of the hallmarks of the Southern rock genre in general or to all forms of song.

The other seven songs, including the Delta-stomper “Gimme Lightning,” are a roadmap, ranging from Memphis to the Carolinas and the deep bayou.  This might not be clear to the Northern ear and that’s fine, too. Bonedrivers are not a cover outfit and achieve success on their own merits and with some very hard work.  The biggest compliment I can pay them and their new album is that it is my earnest belief that they could slide right into some of our more discerning venues and fit right in.

S. Mars 2/10/11
Full Review

Bluesblast Magazine (IL)

The Bonedrivers "Mobile" (BlueBlack Records) BB 4444

Have I got a band for you if you’re partial to Foghat, Grand Funk Railroad, southern rock, BTO or the crunchier reaches of the Led Zeppelin catalog. Throw in a dash of The Outlaws and stir vigorously. Thick power chords, thumping jungle-drums, manic slide guitar excursions and even harmony vocals are here for the taking. Front man-guitarist-singer Keith Karloff leads his merry troupe thru power-rock accented by funk and the requisite positive “dude commander vibe”. Karloff stretches out his guitar prowess here in fine form and the lead vocals show more depth with each repeated listening.
Blues-rock paradise awaits you compliments of this San Francisco boogie band!

Greg “Bluesdog” Szalony 2/17/11
Full Review

All Bonedrivers tracks available at your favorite download sites right now. Here are some links for digital purchase and/or to pick up a hard copy via mail order if you are more comfortable transacting with the Big Kahuna Co.'s than with little ol' BB Records directly:
CD Universe
Condensed Listing of Online CD Outlets

(for our friends in Europe):
CD Market

Live Lance Monthly review from Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco supporting The Yardbirds:

Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco
April 1, 2007

"Then came The Bonedrivers, a power trio so electrifying they could light a room of candles. Dripping with self-assurance, they covered all bases, from the blues to funk to standard rock and roll. Try to imagine ZZ Top battling it out with Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and George Thorogood and The Destroyers, and that should clue you in on where The Bonedrivers are at. The band delivered boogie rhythms by the score, the drumming was explosive, the vocals were pleasingly gritty and the guitar and bass work sizzled and slinked with thrilling sensations ... By the time The Yardbirds appeared, the crowd was already dangerously on fire."

Beverly Patterson, Lance Monthly, May 2007


All CD tracks are now available for download for you Earbud Folks right here:

Yahoo Music
Audio Lunchbox


A special note to our International Friends:
Roadhouse Manifesto
is now available for download worldwide at:

HMV (Japan)
Omskrock (Russia)
Helitroop (Finland)
Beslist (Netherlands)
Megastore (Sweden)
Audio3 (Czech Rep.)
Destra (Australia)
Fotolog (Brazil

* Please feel free to make your Bonedrivers listening requests to the following stations - they're already spinning "Roadhouse Manifesto" and some have just added our disc to their steady rotation!

KRSH - Santa Rosa, CA
Sonoma, CA
Monterey, CA
Cupertino, CA
Sacramento, CA
Tahoe City, CA/Reno, NV
Stanford University Radio
San Jose State University Radio
San Francisco, CA
Berkeley, CA
Santa Barbara, CA
Los Altos Hills, CA
UC Berkeley Radio
Santa Cruz, CA
University of Nevada at Reno
- Quincy, CA
- Stockton/Modesto, CA
- Sutter/Marysville/Yuba City, CA
- Sacramento State University Radio
- Fairbanks, Alaska
- Sacramento, CA