The Official Gone Jackals Fan Club Newsletter
Vol. 1, Issue # 5, March

The Gone Jackals Hit The Road
After The Gone Jackals‚ new C.D. Blue Pyramid‚s release and the South By Southwest Music And
Multimedia Conference in Austin, TX. on March 17th The band will be playing gigs on the West Coast fairly

Peavey Electronics Endorsement
Keith Karloff has received an endorsement from Peavey and will  be using  their amps at all future shows.  Plus, Peavey has offered to supply the band with amps, drums and assorted equipment for their SXSW show, along with advertising for the date, at their own expense.

Movie Soundtrack
The Gone Jackals have accepted a movie soundtrack deal, which will most likely tie-in with Blue Pyramid, although it‚s possible that they may be required to score the soundtrack „from scratchš.  The movie‚s title is
„Concussionš, and will be released by Storm Entertainment,  Hollywood, CA and it‚s producer is David Curl.

New C.D. Now Available
Blue Pyramid is now available through the website for mail-order, it hits local retail outlets on March 17th.
Check out the Jackals site for ordering info.

Guitar Tabs
If any Jack Packers have guitar tabs which they would like to contribute to the Jack Pack send them to me at

I need more entries to post in the views section of this newsletter.  If you  have any thoughts, comments,
observations or anything pertaining to the band send őem in.  Thanks.

New Gone Jackals Websites
Two fellow Jack Packers have created their own websites paying homage to The Gone Jackals.  They
are Stuart Lawrence and Adriano Bruschi  So check őem out.

For questions, submissions and comments contact the one and only creator of the Jack Pack - Mike D at

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