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**** 10/28/01:
Two tracks, "No Sign of Rain" and "Evil Twin Sisters", from the Gone Jackals' "Blue Pyramid" (BB 5657) CD have just been released as part of the soundtrack to the brand new Stinky Pictures movie release "Cheerleader Autopsy".
For more info on "Cheerleader Autopsy" head over to the Stinky Pictures Website.

**** 10/28/01:
Keith Karloff and R.D. Maynard have assembled a Rock-N-Blues combo which they're calling "Bonedrivers". This new band features Keith, R.D., Mike Hunter from Bourbon Deluxe on drums and Johnnie Colleton from Aquatic Groove Session on vocals and gtr. - it's a bonifide roadhouse style sh*&#t kicker! Keep abreast of this new kinda' trouble at the BLUEBLACK RECORDS website. Check for upcoming dates in the S.F. Bay Area.

****   The GONE JACKALS are proud to announce their European recording contract with RASPBERRY RECORDS, Spain.
           New releases!!!!  Check it out here.

*****   The first three singles from "BLUE PYRAMID" are currently, or have been, in rotation on these radio stations.

*****   Don't miss this Jackals tribute website - Great job Shane!

*****   And, as you know, the new CD is out - discover BLUE PYRAMID

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